About Our Products

July 16, 2018

About Our Products

Green Banana Paper is sustainably manufacturing world-class vegan products from agricultural banana waste in Kosrae, Micronesia. All products feature banana fiber paper: a naturally beautiful and strong plant-based material. Products include banana paper wallets, custom business cards, greeting cards, artist paper, and more.

We extract our fibers from sustainably sourced banana trees grown at local farms here in Kosrae, Micronesia. In our paper making process the fibers fuse together on a microscopic level to create a 'leather-like' paper material that is lightweight, tear-resistant, and biodegradable. It is important to note, however, that banana paper is less supple than leather which may limit its role as a true leather replacement for shoes, handbags and other accessories.

banana fiber machete   banana fiber
banana paper spiral    banana paper drying

Sewn for Strength & Durabilitysewing

Banana plants are 90% water and the fibers are naturally water-resistant. If your product gets wet simply let it dry. 

floating on water

We have been testing our products extensively in harsh conditions including the following: saltwater, washing machine, boats, airplanes, road trips, tight pants, rain, sun, snow. Reapply any natural wax to increase water-resistance. All products come with a free one-year warranty to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. 

Sustainably & Ethically Handmade.

Unlike hardwood fruit-bearing trees, banana plants only fruit once in their lifetime. When bananas are ripe, farmers must chop down the entire stem to make room for the younger offshoot to grow from the self-replicating stem. Usually these stems are left to decay in the jungle as a waste byproduct of the fruit harvest. However, this byproduct is gold to us. We bring the harvested banana stems to our eco-factory where we transform them into unique vegan wallets and paper products.

We make PURE BANANA PAPER and MIXED BANANA PAPER. Pure banana paper is made solely from banana fibers and primarily used for wallets & artist prints. Mixed banana paper is made from banana fibers and recycled shredded paper from the local high school and Bank of Guam branch. Designers print business cards and greeting cards on mixed banana paper.

truckload of banana trees     Banana Fiber

slim wallet   men's castaway wallettravel wallets   women's wallet lifestyle

Customize your own banana paper Business Cards & Corporate Gifts.  
John Alefaio business cards

Sustainably Manufactured in Micronesia!

See the Environmentally Responsible Manufacturing and Ethical Employment Practices with a virtual tour of our Eco-Factory.
Kosrae aerial

PETA-Approved VeganVegan Action certified

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